Month: February 2020

Cozumel, Here we Come! (NOT!)

So, today, we (My dad, Zach Dotsey, My stepmom, Tristen Dotsey, and my brothers, Fawkes and Phoenix Dotsey) were going on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico! Today my dad woke me up around 4:40. Talk about early! I had actually woken up at who knows what time, and I had a dream where Fawkes was …

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Story Starter

You are having a picnic with your best friend and he/she needs to go answer a call. your best friend comes back and says “They’re coming.” and runs back into the woods and vanishes. you look for him/her, but you don’t see him/her. you look around more, and the more you look, the weirder the …

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