Cozumel, Here we Come! (NOT!)

So, today, we (My dad, Zach Dotsey, My stepmom, Tristen Dotsey, and my brothers, Fawkes and Phoenix Dotsey) were going on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico!

Today my dad woke me up around 4:40. Talk about early! I had actually woken up at who knows what time, and I had a dream where Fawkes was screaming, “NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOO!!!” It turns out that he actually was screaming, but he wasn’t screaming “NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOO!”

I did eventually fall back asleep, but it took a bit longer than I hoped. I kept thinking, “Dad, dad, dad! Wake me up so we can go to the airport!”

well, I did fall asleep. Then, Dad woke me up by saying, almost in a whisper, “Milly, get up. we need to go to the airport.” At first, I thought that it was a school day, but when I heard “airport,” I was wide awake! …. Kind of.

I slapped on some clothes, went into the boys’ playroom, and put on my fancy new Filas! and then Tristen told me to brush my teeth and brush my hair. So I took off my fancy new Filas (Because they ‘track dirt’) and brushed my teeth and my hair. I put on my Cats hoodie, stuffed my phone and charger and my scrunchie into my pocket! but dad and Tristen told me to put the stuff that was in my pocket into my bag, but I was allowed to keep my phone in my pocket.

we piled into the car, said goodbye to Daniel (Auntie Ren’s boyfriend) and Auntie Ren drove us to the ILM airport!!

When we got to the airport, we got  checked in, and we all went to the luggage X-ray thing! well, almost all of us. our first bump in the road- Tristen’s passport was still under her maiden name! Phoenix had to stay with Tristen because his ticket, I think, was tied to hers.

Dad and I went to the luggage X-ray with Fawkes, and Fawkes gave the people who were working at the ILM fist bumps, or as he calls them, Bumps.

We had gone to find the ‘Crew’ (as dad called them) which consists of Torrie, Johnny, Bash, Gabriel, and Nonnie. We waited for Tristen and Phoenix.

Finally, Tristen and Phoenix got to where ‘the crew’ and I were. we waited for ‘boarding time’.

And then we heard it.

we heard a terrifying thing.

the loudspeaker came on and said the terrifying thing:

“There may be a delay in the boarding time for the people going to Charlotte” or something like that.

“UGHHHH…..!” I thought. I was SO SO SOOOO amped up! well, we waited a bit longer. Then, FINALLY, we were allowed to get on the plane! we sat down for about twenty minutes, and we finally started moving! Dad and I sat in row 22, seats A and C, and nobody sat in B! Fawkes and Phoenix ended up sharing seat B and watched Tangled and Frozen on Disney+ on their tablets.

well, we moved the tiniest bit. the air pressure (My classmates, that is an example of air pressure, being in an airplane) started to increase so I popped some gum into my mouth and my dad gave the boys some Tootsie Pops (for the air pressure) and the boys…. let’s just say that there was a sticky mess- I mean, on my hoodie, on my dad’s Apple Watch, ALL over their tablets. and the snot. Ohhhh, the snot was insane! it got all over their tablets, that’s why I was glad that we had wet wipes.

Well, the speaker came on. And it said yet ANOTHER absolutely terrifying thing- “We have another maintenance issue, please stay seated.” It said something like that- Terrifying, right?! yet another bump in the road. No- Pothole in the road.

So we stayed in our seats for a while, just waiting. Dad and Tristen knew that we would most likely miss our connecting flight!

The speakers came on again. “We have a maintenance issue, we are sorry for the inconvenience. please get off of the aircraft” or something like that. Another bump- No, pothole- No, SINKHOLE in the road!

So we got off the plane, and we headed to the waiting area. Nonnie and Tristen got in a big line, I think for baggage claim and more info on other flights. So it ends up that tomorrow we are heading to Dallas, Texas to take a connecting flight to Cozumel, Mexico.

I hope that the flight won’t delay tomorrow! that would SUCK!! but at least they were delaying it for our safety!! Hope you have a good day. Bye!

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