Story Starter

  1. You are having a picnic with your best friend and he/she needs to go answer a call. your best friend comes back and says “They’re coming.” and runs back into the woods and vanishes. you look for him/her, but you don’t see him/her. you look around more, and the more you look, the weirder the woods get. then, you hear a voice from behind you.
  2. (this one would be most likely for a first person story) I was running, faster than ever, away from whatever was chasing us. faster than a cheetah, it was catching up to us. surprising, considering that we had gotten a thirty minute head start in a car. then, the car stopped. “Why did it stop?” I asked. “I have no clue,” said            (character name), “Let’s get out and hide, I guess.” (character name) gets out of the car and screams. BAM! (character name) vanished. I was the creature’s prey now. and there was no stopping it.

Please give me credit for these story starters. these took me a long time to think up. Use them wisely!

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