Cozumel, Here we Come! (NOT!)

So, today, we (My dad, Zach Dotsey, My stepmom, Tristen Dotsey, and my brothers, Fawkes and Phoenix Dotsey) were going on a trip to Cozumel, Mexico! Today my dad woke me up around 4:40. Talk about early! I had actually woken up at who knows what time, and I had a dream where Fawkes was …

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Story Starter

You are having a picnic with your best friend and he/she needs to go answer a call. your best friend comes back and says “They’re coming.” and runs back into the woods and vanishes. you look for him/her, but you don’t see him/her. you look around more, and the more you look, the weirder the …

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Hair Done!

I just got my hair done, I’m ready for school! I got it done at ‘Beauty and bloom’ which was great. I definitely would recommend Beauty And Bloom.


This is my first post on this website that my dad made for me (go check out I’m excited! I’ll post blogs, and maybe videos and pictures. Some of my friends want to sell products, so I may even show some here. I love to write stories, so, as you may guess, I’ll post …

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